Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Good Tuesday Afternoon!
I know as parents we are supposed to set the example for and teach our children well but I am here to let you know that there comes a time when you have done that, that your children are more than capable of setting examples and teaching the parents well. I want to say a special thanks to our daughter Beth for the things she keeps teaching me. The template for this blog and several other creative displays on my sites have come about as a result of Beth's having introduced them to me. As most know, I am particularly fond of daisies and pastels and when I found this background there was no need to look further.
The idea for this blog is pretty much as the introduction indicates: today's tidbits. There are things I'd like to share and this seemed a good avenue to try. I may add to it several times in a day or maybe skip a day or two, depending on what each day brings. There are days that we keep pretty busy so there might be a lot to share but no time to tell it while other days there might be a lot of time with little to tell.
This past week was unique for us. Being retired we are frequently amazed at how fast one Friday follows another but last week we were really ready for Saturday which seemed to linger longer in arriving than we'd have thought possible. Eventually it did appear and we were thankful for the respite from a week that had been busy with either a daily doctor visit or a rehab appointment, meaning we had to be out every day and we are just not used to being on the go so much anymore. I don't know if that wore John out or he picked up some germ or what but he has been suffering the "mully-grubs" starting with a fever yesterday so no rehab. The fever seems gone today and rehab is due tomorrow; we'll have to wait and see.
Even the dogs complained about our being gone so much last week. Missy who is generally so compliant about going directly to her ken-pen when she sees us put on our shoes, still did so, but as we got ready to go out the door, she started to bark and jump. You'd have thought her hind legs were made of pogo-sticks built on the finest of springs available. Since Missy was barking, Max thought it important to join the doggie chorus and added his voice to the mix. That is not the choicest way for us to leave our dogs but we had to go with the hope they settled once they realized we weren't giving in and they weren't getting their way. It's a good thing we had kids first who trained us well!
Last evening we all watched the Westminster Dog Show while Missy laid to the left on my recliner foot rest and Max made himself at home on my right thigh. That was after Missy
had first climbed up on the love seat to gain a close-up view of the TV, perhaps with the idea she could get in the ring with those dogs she saw there; once she realized that was a no-go, she came back and settled down to relax and watch the show. After the Silkies and Yorkies were eliminated from the competition I fell asleep and missed the last 30 minutes of the show. How those judges could not see the quality of those two breeds is beyond me! I did learn that the Westminster Kennel Club has WKC FAN on FACEBOOK, something I am sure will please our daughter Kim immensely, particularly when she learns of my comment to John that if anything could cause me to join FACEBOOK, that would probably be it! Ha! (A little joke there...)
Enough of my spouting for now. I wrote all this on my laptop once and somehow it got lost so let's hope the desktop is more successful.
Smiles anyway~

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  1. You're welcome! Glad you are enjoying some new bits and pieces of the online world. :)