Friday, February 26, 2010


For the longest time I have wondered where people get the idea that they could keep a journal of their dreams because either I had none or woke with no memory of having had any. I am not sure what has changed but something has made a big difference lately because I am not only dreaming but wake from the middle of many of my dreams and recall some portions in detail.
I don’t mind dreaming but I hate being awakened with unpleasant details etched into my brain such as occurred last Sunday morning when I was sitting in what was supposedly my car, in the process of being arrested! I had been driving quite quickly past what I knew to be a several story care facility and suddenly realized I was driving in strange territory. As I rounded a turn, there stood three people, two men caught with that deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces, and a woman whom I somehow knew to be a worker at the healthcare facility, obviously there not of her own free will. The men were easily recognizable as TV characters: one a take-charge bully, the other his follower, who had positions of authority, also in that healthcare facility.
I continued on by them to the end of that road and had to turn to the left where the road went off into a country lane that dead-ended. When I turned the car around, a gate had completely closed the road off and the bully-authority man was at the driver’s side of my car-now van-telling me I was now in some county and under arrest. (I guessed, because I had unknowingly crossed the county line.) My immediate thought was trying to make a run for it by ramming the gate but I thought better of it, and as I gathered my purse I wondered if my cell phone was charged, if at home I had left enough water in the dishes for the dog and cat. (I have no cat but two dogs…but this is a dream, right?!) As I started to unbuckle my seat belt and reach to unlock the driver door…I woke up. Whew!
Then this morning I dreamed I was riding a bicycle in a place best described as an English country village area except the vehicles and highways were typical of the United States. It must have been springtime because I was riding on wet, green, grassy areas alongside the road much of the time and when I woke I was racing on a very hilly roadside and going faster than an 18-wheeler truck that was traveling at a normal highway speed! No wonder I woke up. I don’t know how I rode that regular bicycle (no special speeds built in) around that village as fast as I did for as long as I did and as I was waking up I was aware that it was not smart to be riding at such speeds without a helmet! Indeed! Well, I am here to report I must be in very good shape to be able to ride that long, that far, and that fast.

I wonder what dreams tonight will bring!

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  1. I bet that bike ride burned a bunch of calories! :) Try not to get arrested tonight!