Saturday, July 24, 2010


Why does the issue of one’s health have to be so complicated that you are forced seek the advice of a specialist for every medical situation? It is becoming such that you require a specialist to determine which specialist you must see!
I recently had reason to discuss health concerns with the only nurse in the office of one of my many doctors. I was already frustrated by the fact that with so many physicians, I wasn’t sure which one to choose to seek answers and her less than compassionate repetitive responses of, “That would be guessing,” following her own several “suggestions” left me ready to seek another specialist. I am not suggesting I would be looking for one to deal with the issues of my mind although if this keeps up, that may become necessary, because “they” are driving me to distraction!
Following this “That would be guessing” episode, my circumstances have worsened, the issue I called about has shown no improvement, the added tension is no help, sleep is interrupted as I think of having to keep the already-scheduled appointment and face this less-than compassionate nurse and how I will deal with her. Likely she will have forgotten all about me but my short-term memory has not yet expired! Because I am God’s child, I definitely plan to make a considerable effort to bite my tongue but oh, think of the consequences of that! I’ll have to find yet another new doctor…a specialist, no doubt!

© Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 7-24-2010

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