Saturday, August 14, 2010


JEEP. My name is Jeep. I got that name because I could go anywhere, just like the original advertisement for the vehicle said. At least that’s what they told me about how I got such an unusual name.

Somewhere in my wanderings I met Miss Tippy Toes. Let’s just say her name fit her real well, too, because she was so slight built she had to stand on the tips of those pretty little toes just to kiss the tip of my not so pretty nose. After a while, even though my nose showed the effects of a few fights from before I’d met her, Miss Tippy Toes and I tied the knot.

Looking back, I remember one early morning occasion when Miss Tippy Toes was home taking care of our newborn quintuplets. Yes, you read that right – five beautiful babies. Thankfully most looked more like their mother than me. By that time the honeymoon period had long passed by and Miss Tippy Toes and I’d each faced the realities of everyday real life necessities. She’d complain, “I don’t see why you have to work so much, and especially all night! 11-7 is a terrible shift! Can’t you find a job with better hours?”

I’d explain, “It’s the only time I can do the kind of work I know how to do. I want to be a good provider for you and the little ones. I’ve worked long and hard to perfect my skills and I am good in this field.”

On that particular memorable morning, as I returned, I laid my night’s work at the feet of Miss Tippy Toes. She speedily snatched the warm body of the recently deceased mouse between her teeth while simultaneously hissing, and swatting me on the nose with one of her pretty little white-tipped paws, just prior to heading back to where our kittens lay sleeping.

“Ungrateful wretch!” I heard the woman of the house exclaim with a slight chuckle. At the same time I realized she was calling my name while opening the bag of special kitty treats she shared with us on occasion.

“Jeep, you good kitty, come here!” never sounded more welcoming!

Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 8-14-2010

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